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Fire in Zoroastrian Ideology

Vahram Fire or the holy fire of Zoroastrians is kept in Yazd fire temple, the building itself is an 80 years old structure but the fire has a long story. Stand by Miniyatour to hear the story of Varhram fire.

The fire has been burning for 1542 years continuously. There is a guard with the fire who is called “Heerbod”, the lowest level of Zoroastrian priest. He adds fuel to the fire, and the only allowed fuel is just wood. There is one rule about the wood, you cannot cut a green tree and use its wood for the fire. Only dead trees are allowed because one of the important messages of this religion is “to respect nature”. By the sunset, the priest would cover fire with ash over it, it will keep the fire alive until tomorrow morning. During the sunrise, he would add wood to the fire and the flame will rise again, so the fire is continuously burning for 1542 years burning by its own heat.

Most religions follow a special order when they want to pray, for example, Muslims at prayer turn to the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca or Christians turn to the altar. In Zoroastrian, there is a role to pray to the direction of light, so they just stand in front of the fire (the Symbol of Zoroastrianism) and they pray or worship the only God, who is called “Ahoora Maz Da”. The word Ahoora Maz Da includes three-part that means the Great wise creator. They have been worshipping the God or Ahoora Mazda for about 4000 years ago. Ahoora Mazda is considered as the only God by Zarathustra—the Zoroastrian prophet—and the characteristics of the only god defined by the Zarathustra. Zarathustra is exactly the same to God in other religions, as it said God is alone, mighty, has no shape, invisible and eternal.

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