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Travel guide in Yazd

The desert city of Yazd is the capital of Yazd province, which was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2017 by its unique adobe architecture and culture. One of the most important reasons for winning this title is the lively and dynamic historical context of this city, which has had a great impact on attracting Iranian and foreign tourists and travellers to this city because of its pleasant and memorable atmosphere. Along with these historical and cultural features, Yazd can be called one of the popular destinations for Iran’s handicrafts and sweets industry. If you haven’t been able to travel to Yazd yet, stay with Miniyatour to know more about its beautiful Iranian city.

Travel guide in Yazd: Geographical location of the city


Yazd is part of the central desert of Iran, located between Shirkuh and Lut desert. Therefore, in terms of climate the city is the driest in Iran. These conditions, however, have not marginalized Yazd, but the Iranians have managed to create a successful urban system in the heart of the desert over the past centuries, which is an amazing attraction for every modern human. However, if you plan to stay in Yazd for a long time, choose the colder seasons because the weather in the city is very during spring and summer. The city of Yazd is 630 km away from Tehran and is known as one of the transportation and economic bases on the Persian Gulf Highway, which connects the north and south of Iran together.

Travel guide in Yazd: Transportation in the city


Because Yazd is located in the centre of Iran, in terms of transportation it is in a good state so travelling to and from the city is not complicated. It is possible to travel by land, rail and air to this city. Shahid Sadoughi Airport in Yazd is located 10 km from the city and its flight schedule covers destinations such as Tehran, Bandar Abbas, Mashhad and Kish. Yazd Railway is in a good location in the city and has a regular schedule for traveling to Tehran, Bandar Abbas, Mashhad and related stations within the route. The journey from Yazd to Tehran by high-speed train will not take more than 7 hours. For most cities in Iran, there are VIP buses to and from Yazd.

Travel guide in Yazd: Travel costs


Travel expenses are always important especially in a city like Yazd. Overall prices in the city are not high in some cases is one of the relatively cheap tourist destination. In general, Yazd has different tourism facilities and capacities for different kind of travel packages and traveller’s budget.

Travel guide in Yazd: Accommodation

 Here is a short information about the price of logging centres in Yazd for more information will be glad to guide to .in Miniyatour


Accommodation fees in Yazd

Luxury hotel: The cost of accommodation in 5-star and 4-star luxury hotels in Yazd covers the cost between 400 and 200 thousand Tomans/ 20-30 Euro.

Budget hotels: Includes three-star hotels to two and one-star with a cost of between 250 and 100 thousand Tomans/ 20-15 Euro.

 Eco lodges: Ecotourism resorts are usually classified as cheap accommodation, but some Yazd eco-resorts, depending on their special circumstances, cost more than a night’s stay in a hotel. The cost of accommodation in Yazd ecotourism ranges from 250 to 50 thousand tomans per night.

Travel guide in Yazd: Food cost

Despite the numerous restaurants, cafeterias and fast food restaurants in Yazd, you will have no worry about food but quite the contrary you have a wide selection of food. The cost food in stylish restaurants is between 10-6 Euro. In mid-range restaurants, you will pay between 6-2 Euro, and in fast food, even with less than 1 Euro, you can enjoy a delicious meal. In relation to these prices, it can be concluded that Yazd is not an expensive destination in terms of food. So don’t worry about food costs when planning a trip to the city of wind-catcher.

Travel guide in Yazd: Yazd, The capital of food lovers in Iran

Yazd has many local dishes, but the most important of them are Ash Shouli, Qeymeh- Yazdi, Halim and camel meat kebabs. For desserts and snacks, we invite you not to miss eating Faloudeh Yazdi and Maqut. One of the recently registered national drinks in Yazd is Yazdi coffee, which has an excellent taste of coffee, cardamom and ginger. It is interesting to know that because this coffee is usually served in feasts or public ceremonies especially Muharram, it is also called Rouze-coffee.

Travel guide in Yazd: Shopping in Yazd

Shopping is always fun. Everyone likes to hang around in old cities of Iran. Due to the geographical location of Yazd compared to the commercial cities of Iran, the price of goods may be a bit expensive. However, this cannot prevent you from enjoying shopping in Yazd. Yazd is a direct producer of quality steel, tile, ceramic, pottery, carpets, confectionary, gold, copper and quality fabrics. Therefore, these goods are usually offered at a reasonable price and will satisfy the customer with the quality of the purchased goods. In Yazd, there are both modern shopping malls and traditional markets. Note that in order to buy handicrafts, whatever you buy in the traditional market, the goods will be provided to you at a more reasonable price. But it is better to consult with your Yazdi friend before buying.


Travel guide in Yazd: Yazd souvenirs


As mentioned above, Yazd is a destination for various industries. In particular, in the confectionery industry, the most important sweets in Yazd are Pashmak, Baklava, Loz, Qatab and Yazdi cakes. If you travel to Yazd, don’t forget to buy Ardeh of Ardakan. In terms of fabric, we can also mention cashmere, Termeh, Zari-Bafi. Yazd’s heavy textiles, such as machine-made carpets, hand-woven carpets, and famous kilims have a widely reputation. The best examples of Yazd hand-woven carpets are related to the Harat city in the south of Yazd. Meybod has a lot to say about pottery with blue and white designs. The motifs of Khorshid Khanum and Fish are the most examples of Meybod pottery among tourists.

Miniyatour travel company standing at your service

Yazd is the second UNESCO registered historical city in the world and also one of the popular tourist destinations in Iran. Miniyatour, as one of the best tourism companies of Yazd is honour to provide you with the best of Yazd travel, you can visit our website: https://miniyatour.com/ to know more about Yazd tours, Iran tours and our especial services. Before traveling, try to read the travel guide to Yazd to take a better picture of this beautiful and safe city and enjoy every moment of your trip.

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